Some find them great, others are terrible: the same clothes for your bridesmaids. Maybe you can find an idea to choose a part of your girlfriend as a bridesmaid, stay silly – at first glance, it’s the same as the other wedding trends that reverberate from the US United to us. In fact, the habits of the bridesmaids are old enough and must confuse evil spirits – because some young women look a lot like brides.

Good, so please wedding dress for everyone! And even if white is provided to the bride, to be honest, that’s what you do not have to do with this habit. However, it is nice to see the wedding day that these girls are somehow yours. I collected 3 tips once.

1. It does not always have to be a taffeta dress

The classic American bridesmaids wear a pink dress for (I think) $ 300. And after that, she will never be able to wear the dress (unless she cuts it… do you remember that movie ?!). I found that the same choice of clothing was fundamental to getting rid of the bridesmaids – after all, I did not want people on my wedding day to have a certain dress, which was still very expensive . A good variation in my opinion is a jump like this. This comes from Spirit – I use (as a free female coach) a dark blue one. It’s not only classic, timeless, but also includes other wedding habits (something new, something old, something borrowed and just a little blue). And on every other occasion, you can use it super.

2. Connect jewelry

If you want to create a bond between you and your daughter at the same time and give them a small gift, then a jewel is ideal for that! OH BRACELET BERLIN does not offer jewelry and tattoos in almost every wedding box (and in our shop is also available solo). First of all, this version is very smooth, generally fits all outfits and can be worn everyday – and unlike bridesmaid dresses that are really cheap as gifts and ID. Another benefit: A beautiful gem is available for every size of garment and no one feels stupid. An excellent alternative to boho weddings: medium bouquets for each spouse.

3. Take this button

A fairly new trend (and of course included in the bridal box …) is the button! Especially for hen parties, hen parties or weddings are an interesting attraction and extraordinary memories of your time together. Of course, if you design the button yourself, you can choose to match the wedding wallpaper – and you do not have to limit yourself by your name. Why choose bridesmaids and escorts? Maybe each of you has a funny nickname? Or you can apply the story neatly, as you find it. So maybe “best kindergarten friends”, “horse pals” or “sports nurses” will be there. The imagination knows no limits! Incidentally, there are now even suppliers who make buttons with magnets – so they do not suffer from dresses.