Some Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Furniture

Of course it will make us annoyed when our favorite furniture has stains or problems. For that on this occasion we will provide some easy tips to overcome the problems that often occur in favorite furniture.

Tips for removing hot stains on solid wood furniture

Impressive solid wood pieces, which have been found again in many dining areas, not only beautify the living room, but are also burdened during lunch and dinner together. Spilling a drink or putting a hot pot or coffee pot on a solid wood dining table can cause permanent damage as well as an unsightly edge. When removing stains on solid wood furniture, the faster the damage is handled, the more effective the stain can be removed. To remove unsightly stains that can be produced by placing a hot pot or plate, help with immediate treatment with a household hair dryer. If you store a hairdryer for a few minutes at close range in the intended place, the hot spot disappears as if by magic. However, this method only works on oily or glassy surfaces.

Effectively removes water stains

Spilled water leaves unsightly stains on the wood surface, but can be effectively removed with a hair dryer and some beeswax. To do this, rub the affected area with a little beeswax and heat the area for a few minutes with a standard hair dryer. Then the area is polished with a dry cloth.

However, the main tip of housewives to remove bad water stains is based on the use of oil and sun salts. If you put a few drops of sunflower oil and a pinch of salt on a cloth and scrub the right place thoroughly with the mixture, you will quickly get rid of annoying spots and immediately be happy about a neat table or cabinet surface. A combination that effectively removes stains that are older and stubborn without damaging the surface. Notches, dents or other habits are quickly removed with an iron

Small accidents, such as upside down vases or items that accidentally land on the table surface and leave small dents or other habits, occur quickly. Especially in households with children, small accidents like that are almost unavoidable. This kind of damage, however, does not cause sleepless nights, but can be repaired easily.

A dent that looks small can be completely repaired with a few drops of water, an iron, a piece of paper, and a little patience. First, pour enough water into the affected area. When water enters, the wood expands and expands. Then place a piece of paper or thin cloth over the damp area and iron over the damage with lightly heated iron. If the dent has not completely disappeared during the first work step, the procedure must be repeated again.

Precisely means that scratches are almost invisible

You can still appreciate and care for your furniture, but minor accidents that leave scratches on the furniture surface cannot be completely avoided. Of course, if the scratches are in a visible place, this is very disturbing. However, minor scratches or blisters can be repaired effectively with several different or at least treated devices so that they are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Scratches on light wood can be treated effectively by applying colorless shoe polish. When removing superficial scratches on dark wood, the application of the same color wax crayon or the use of special pencil retouching has been proven successful. It is available in various colors in each hardware store.

Scratches on the walnut surface can be easily neutralized by the use of walnut kernels. Walnut pulp not only compensates for scratches but also treats wood with radiating walnut oil when rubbed.

For deeper scratches to help the appropriate polishing that makes the accident almost invisible. After applying the care product evenly, the area is polished and looks almost like new.

Care tips for Funierholz

Furniture made of veneer wood is equipped with a surface protector and is therefore very easy to clean. The use of wood polish is therefore not needed to maintain furniture. For cleaning, it is usually sufficient to use soft chamois skin which effectively removes dirt and dirty dirt. A stronger impurity through coffee, tea, alcohol or fruit juice is effectively removed with a wet cloth onto the collar. However, so that the wood does not absorb too much water, the area in question must be removed immediately with a dry cloth.

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