Realized Or Not, Here’s The Reason You Need To Use Makeup

Nobody likes to admit it, but superficiality is part of life. Even before meeting someone or even exchanging a word, he is judged by appearance and body language to get the first impression. There are even studies showing that interesting people are more often invited to job interviews and receive higher average salaries. In short, being beautiful is worth it, as simple as it sounds. However, a good look affects not only others, but also yourself. A makeup study shows that this effect makes even the makeup smarter and improves its performance during tests and exams.

Makeup increases confidence

Dress to impress – dress to impress. This wisdom of English is known and long-felt in this country. Anyone who feels comfortable with their clothes and feels that they look good and professional is considered and appreciated by others as being more professional, efficient and competent.

Behind that, there are two decisive effects: on the one hand, the lack of depth that was mentioned. Without more information or detailed knowledge about the person, only the external appearance is left to draw conclusions. From clothing, it was concluded that it must be a successful person and therefore a very competent person in their area.

The effect on the people themselves, however, is even stronger and more important. His clothes change their appearance. Body language and charisma are different and work outside – which is not hidden for human beings.

Very similar effects were also observed in the makeup study. Women are more confident in makeup than without makeup. Feeling good is the engine of self-esteem, with a more confident attitude and greater determination.

So far, it’s very well known and understood. However, other interesting correlations have been found: makeup can have an effect on cognitive abilities.

Become smarter with makeup?

At first this seems absurd and almost untrustworthy, but it is proven – and relies on the effects described above. For the research, the students were subjected to question-and-answer tests on a series of textbook chapters, but were randomly assigned to three differently influenced groups before each test.

A group listens to positive and intoxicating music to create a good mood. The second receives a pen and faces. And the third and final group of students must wear makeup before the test and makeup so that they are beautiful. Theory: Makeup women feel all the best and feel the strongest positive emotional influences and above all self-esteem.

That’s what it looks like. Masked women feel comfortable and comfortable – and they do it well on the exam. Therefore, researchers believe that makeup can be smarter and have a positive impact on performance during tests or exams.

If you take it well, it’s not makeup yourself that will make you smarter, of course. Conversely, it is an increase in self-esteem that has a positive effect on cognitive abilities and improves outcomes. But in the end, the effect remains the same.

Study makeup: how to use insight

Makeup can make you smarter and improve your cognitive performance. However, this does not mean that you must now be forced to wear makeup every day or much more than before. It makes more sense to continue everyday life as before and not to fundamentally change your makeup habits.

Use effects in situations where it really matters. This can be a job interview (see also the information box!), A university exam or training, important meetings or important presentations for a major project. Otherwise, the positive effect disappears quickly.

The benefits of your cognitive performance are just the time you like and the willingness to feel good and beautiful. As soon as the mind appears Now I have to repair it again …, the effect is gone.

In fact, the masters of creation must not feel aggrieved either. Even if only a few catch up, but that does not necessarily need to. In the end, the decisive factor is the increase in self-esteem – and this can be done as described above

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