How to Make Your Furniture Become Very Modern With These Tips

Furniture care is neglected criminally in many households. However, sometimes dust to remove dirt and dust particles is not enough to maintain furniture permanently. Depending on the material from the good parts, there is a risk that cabinets, tables or showcases will lose their luster permanently or damaged.

Intensive and regular furniture treatment protects each piece not only from dust and dust particles, but also provides lasting luster. Furniture looks practically new again.

Wooden furniture requires special care. Depending on the type of wood, you can not only help the old model to shine with appropriate care, but also protect the newly acquired jewelry permanently from dirt and damage. Wood is a popular natural product, which not only attracts many households as floor coverings, but also plays an important role in the purchase of furniture.

With proper furniture maintenance, one must ensure that the care products used are not too aggressive and the wood pores do not clog, so the wood material can still breathe. Wood has the ability to absorb excess moisture in the air and release it in dry air. If this cycle is prevented by using wrong care products, furniture loses luster and dries over time.

Care tips for furniture for furniture made of solid wood

Furniture made of solid wood has a very special charm and gives a comfortable living space. If it is a single valuable item or painstakingly restored antiques, proper cleaning and maintenance play an important role, so that the owner can still enjoy his favorite work in the future.

Solid wood furniture looks at first glance to be very strong and hard to wear, but they are very sensitive to water, improper care products or other environmental factors they are exposed to every day. To clean and maintain solid wood normally, ordinary dust is often dry. However, because the wood loses its luster and color over time, regular cleaning with a wet and lint-free cloth is recommended. However, so that the wood does not come into contact with excess moisture, it is advisable to polish with a dry cloth immediately after wet dust.

To remove heavy dirt or polish furniture made of teak wood, there are some important tips that must be taken into account so that furniture will still beautify living space in the future.

1. To dirty the weight, clean it with a sponge, neutral water and soap will work wonders on the wood surface. When cleaning, the use of microfibre cloths must be avoided. Because of its nature, this can cause scratches on the wood. After gently cleaning the furniture with a sponge, a dry cloth is used to remove soap residue and absorb excess moisture.

2. Solid wood experts warn against the use of commercially available polishes, which initially illuminate the wood again in new splendor, however, penetrate deep into the wood with a permanent application and close the pores of natural materials. When using polish, you must always ensure that you use the right care product for the type of wood you use.

3. When cleaning, make sure to always rub the wood grain so that there is no damage to the wood surface.

4. Natural waxes and oils are very good for polishing dark areas on solid wood surfaces. Natural resin oils and light balms made from beeswax not only take care of the wood, but also make the dark areas appear faster and shiny.


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