8 Things You Want Before Planning Your Wedding

Ha! I always want to write the article “10 things”! So I will do it now. Really an important subject! While planning your wedding, sometimes you come out of the laundry or keep a good face, but then you see in the car and just ask “Ha? In harmony The world of marriage has its own rules and

circumstances, the previous one – completely true – not yet occupied. Here are 8 points for you:

1. Several places were booked two years earlier

The warehouse mansion is popular with accommodation, hotels with the most beautiful views of Elba or the attic with the best panorama – much sought after! A simple example: according to Statistikamt Nord, in 2016 alone, 598 couples were married in Hamburg in August! Most celebrations take place on weekends and Saturdays, which can result in bookings. Therefore, start by finding the location from the very beginning of the wedding planning.

2. By the way, the service providers

You can certainly think about it, right? A good service provider usually goes very early. So, not on vacation, but just booked. Whether photographer, DJ, makeup artist or other business, everyone can only attend a wedding on Saturday. Therefore, you must also ask in advance for your special wedding date here.

3. On the first offer, you will shake your head in disbelief, then you will get used to the price

And the bride, the sentence with “not long what the wedding says, everything costs 100 euros more”, you can even say. And then please never again. Do you want your wedding day to be perfect? Your service provider too! And that’s why they try hard in marriage. There are only more flowers in the real bridal bouquet than in the bulk poso. Because the images are processed throughout the day, the bride and the guest look very good. Quality Costs Getting married is something special, not saving on the wrong side.

4. You really need a folder

At the beginning of our wedding planning, I defended myself with my hands and feet and then had to go to a lot of documents – but hey, it’s not that bad! It’s just that you have to buy a lot of extras for a file like this – um, no. Husch, Husch, in office supplies and do it yourself. Not only does it look better, but it’s also more individual.

5. If you want to bring your own wedding cake, you need a silver dish. For the alcohol cap

Since then you have found the perfect location and there is no more cake! However, there is no wedding cake. But it’s quite normal, because the magic of the beautiful terraced pies comes from passionate pastry enthusiasts. If you want to serve wedding cakes ordered outside, you have to pay a certain amount per plate. The same thing applies to alcohol. Who wants to serve your own bottle of wine Uncle Jeans, must pay the appropriate cap.

6. The wedding dress has a delivery time of several months.

Sometimes the wedding has to be very fast – and then, oh, the dream dress is gone! Not as fast as available. The wedding dress you try in the shop is to try a dress that will be awarded later. On average, you can expect a delivery time of four months. Ask first if the salon sells clothes directly from the shelf or in stock. And conversely, a fast tailor must get it!

7. You can only hire a wedding planner for some parts of your planning.

Haahaaaaaa, crazy, no? Not really. Because, for example, if you need help with location searches, you can approach this point with a wedding planner. Do not be afraid, there are now practical possibilities offered by sub-organizations, wedding professionals create very individual building elements for your wedding. Hach, and relax …

8. You can never program enough tampons on your wedding day

At some point, everyone depends on the weather! Really! No matter how many hours your schedule, bravo Aunty Inge just felt 10 minutes and splinters, she expanded the entire champagne reception. Everything is very wild! Just schedule a time stamp at different times in your daily routine, then everything will be very casual.

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